My entry into the world of Digital Photography

I started photography around 1992 / 1993 -I bought a second hand Minolta X-300 with a couple of lenses  – a Vivitar 70-210 zoom, a Vivitar 28mm Wide angle and a Minolta 35mm.  Although the Vivitar were reasonable cheap lenses, they produced some pretty good photos for me over the years.

I was pretty active for about 5 years and then life got in the way – Marriage, a baby, work – all the normal things.

In August 2012 I decided it was time to get into it again and this time I was going to buy myself  good kit – I had always wanted either a Canon or a Nikon – so I bought a Canon EOS60D with 2 lenses – an 18-55mm zoom and a 55-250mm zoom – both nice lenses, but not great. So about 3 weeks later I ordered the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM – an awesome lens.  The 60D is an APS-C format camera designed for the Semi-Pro / Serious Hobbyist.  It produces a file approx 25Mb in size (18Mp) in a RAW format – which can then be converted to a format for printing (normally TIFF) or for the web (normally JPEG).  So, with this camera and lens combination, I can produce high quality prints and web images.

I am mainly interested (at this stage) in landscape and nature photography, with a bit of portraiture thrown in.  Some of the fields of photography I intend to pursue are night and macro photography – both of these are areas I have dabbled in but would like to do a lot more.

Since I have had the camera (about 6 weeks now) I have generated about 6,000 images!  One of the downfalls of digital photography – you can just “snap away” – storage is cheap, so what.  The downside is then going through all these images!  I have had a lot of late nights since I bought this camera!

Anyway, I thought I would start with this brief introduction and then go through my photographic journey with you all.


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