I’m off to Vietnam in a few weeks – will be over there for 15 days.  I have hired the services of Mai Huong who is an extremely talented Photographer that I met on Google+.  If you haven’t seen her work, I recommend you have a look.

Mai Huong will arrange an itinerary shortly – she is currently on Holidays in America – hope she is having a great time.  We will be photographing normal everyday life in Vietnam in a range of places – yet to be discovered!  Her tours include bus trips, motor bike hire, walking and exploring Vietnam.

I’m not and never have been, interested in hitting tourist destinations and eating “Westernised” cuisine – I have opted for local meals, bus & motor bike travel, 2 Star accommodation (can’t get totally away from some creature comforts).

I have done a fair bit of travel in my life – I’ve been all over Australia and a fair bit of New Zealand, I’ve been to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Macau and the US.  In all those places, whether it has been business or holidays, I’ve always wandered around wherever I’ve been and taken in the real locals sights.  I love to see how people live more than the places where they live.

In Hong Kong I wandered around the back streets trying food from local vendors, ate in local cafes even though I couldn’t read the menus, walked through areas where they had fish factories and prawn peeling operations.  In Macau we wandered around the back streets and were fascinated by the Portuguese architecture. In Malaysia I got invited to a local Chinese wedding (a small one, only 800 guests) and ate in small “cafe’s” in Kampongs (local villages). In Vanuatu I was fascinated by the local fishermen in their canoes, making a living with a cast net.  The highlight for me in any of my travels is going to a local’s home and having a meal – real local food, made by locals in their home.

To me, that’s travel.


Photo courtesy of Mai Huong


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