Little Green Frogs

I’m doing a Prime Lens Challenge with some friends on Facebook.  The idea is you can only use a prime lens, or if you don’t own a prime (like me) you can use a zoom at one of it’s extremes (I’m using the 24-70 lens @24 mm).

I was just musing how much difference you can make to an image with a little bit of Post Processing.

This shows the progression – the initial image (SOOC – Straight Out Of Camera) which I thought looked quite good.

Then I did a little post processing – lowered the Colour Temperature to 7119, reduced the tint (towards green of course!), reduced the exposure -.71, reduced the highlights (to counteract the flash, which I had to point straight at the little fella) -24, Reduced the shadows -57, increased the whites +38, increased the blacks -17 (seems odd, – and it increases the black), clarity +17, vibrance +7, saturation +21.  And then I thought, hmm, this looks good!

Then I cropped the image so the whole frame is taken up with a Little Green Tree Frog.

I don’t normally do this much post editing – I generally edit all of those things, but usually by 5 – 10 (maybe 15 sometimes) – but this image seemed to, in my opinion, improve with a bit more post production.


One thought on “Little Green Frogs

  1. Tech-2 says:

    this i remember the science experiment ..=D

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