Finch Hatton Gorge Part II

When you get to the Finch Hatton Car Park it is about a 2.5km to the waterfall called “The Wheel of Fire” which is where I went.  It’s quite a nice walk and then you get there and there is this crystal clear water and a lovely waterfall.  As I was in a hurry the day I went, I could only spend about 15 minutes there, but I will be back – and next time I will check out the Araluen Cascades.

Also, next time I go I will head up early in the morning, before all the tourists arrive and get some (I hope) great sunrise shots.

This first image is the rock pool at the Wheel of Fire – the water is so crystal clear and the next 6 are the wheel of fire itself.  The last two images are of a little Goanna that crossed the path in front of me as I was leaving – I had just put my camera away when he sauntered across my path – I had plenty of time to get my camera out and snap off a few shots before he wandered off into the bush.

The Rock Pool at the bottom of the Wheel of Fire
The Wheel of Fire Waterfall at Finch Hatton Gorge
The waterhole at the base of the Wheel of Fire
The water cascading down the boulders to become the Wheel of Fire
Goanna at Finch Hatton GorgeA little Goanna sauntered across my path as I was leaving 
Goanna at Finch Hatton Gorge
Finch Hatton is a lovely place and I will be back

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