Sydney – Chinatown

I went down to Sydney a month or so ago for a business junket and then I had a few days R&R in Sydney where I basically just wandered around for a few hours every day taking photographs.  Because there are so many photos (damn Digital Cameras – too easy to take 400-500 photos in a few hours!) of my Sydney trip, I’ll break the Blogs into areas – in this one I will cover Chinatown.

I love Chinatown – particularly Sydney’s Chinatown.  I love Asian food – I could live on Asian Food (except for breakfast – there is only so much Congee with Dried Fish that a fella can eat – I do love Bacon & Eggs!).  Chinatown in Sydney is always bustling and alive and I am happy wandering around there for days – in fact I ate in Chinatown every day after the business Junket.  And whilst I meandered around, of course, I had the camera in overdrive and this is the result…


One thought on “Sydney – Chinatown

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