Social Media Marketing and Photography Update

In November 2012 I wrote an article called Social Media Marketing and Photography which you can have a read of if you like. As it is now December 2013 I thought it would be interesting to see how it has been working.


At that time I had been on Google+ for 3 months and I had 974 followers and I was following 3,243 people. Today, Google+ is still my preferred Social Media platform and I now have 4,711 followers and I follow 2,960 people and have 249 Followers on the MY Digital Photography Page.  So how does that work I hear you ask? More followers with less people followed?  When I started I just kept adding people until I had the maximum of 5,000 people I followed.  I was getting inundated with posts and my stream was more like a fast flowing River! Then I read that those with a big differential between following (less) and followers (more) had more influence on G+! So following the strategy I developed of following people who share your work rather than photographers, I started culling the least interactive photographers, leaving only the ones I had relatively common interaction with. Because I also realized having an influential photographer share my work was really going to benefit me, I kept only the photographers whose work I admired and have interacted with me on a social level – after all, it can’t be all work and no play! I have also found out that by sharing the work of these photographers,  I gain brownie points from their followers who start to follow me as well.

I do a lot more on Facebook than I used to, but I still don’t like Facebook as much from a business point of view, it is more of a personal social medium to me. I now have 384 “friends” on my personal page, 145 Likes on my MY Digital Photography Page, 99 Likes on my MY Digital Photography Tours Page and 38 Likes on my MY Digital Photography Event Photography Page.

I also have a twitter account now and post from G+ and FB into Twitter with the occasional direct post in twitter.

I have a few other online sites I use like Instagram, Viewbug, LinkedIn and a couple of others but I am cutting down on the number and focusing more on the main ones.

Do I get work out of Social Media directly? Not much.  Then why spend so much time working on it?  Social Media is the widest part of the funnel. From Social Media I direct people to my Blog and from my Blog to me or to my Website.  The big thing with Social Media is volume – you will only ever get a small percentage of people interested, so you need to get in front of a lot of people.

MY Blog – well, you are here now, reading my Blog.  The Blog is a powerful Marketing Tool – notice I said Marketing, not Sales. What’s the difference?  In my opinion, Marketing is anything that gets people in front of Sales Staff.  Sales is dealing with the people who come to you.  The Blog lets people gauge just how much you actually know about your industry and associated topics.  It shouldn’t be all in your face and “buy this now” – it should be a more subtle medium.  Articles like this about Social Media – not about MY Digital Photography directly.  Blogs have a lot of words in them – and words are like Gold to the Search Engine BOTS that troll the web.  The more words the better.  The Blog is also a part of the funnel that directs people to your Website.

MY Web Site.  I have a web site which is effectively a Sales Aid – my portfolio on-line.  Web sites do not SELL photographs – people sell photographs.  The Web Site has a good (and getting better) overview of my work in the various different market segments I work in and it also enables people to place their orders for images directly.  They place their orders – but the Web Site does not sell your work – or rarely.

The only one who can sell your work is YOU (or in my instance, ME)


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