Eungella, sleepy, pristine, beautiful…and really hard to say!

Eungella National Park

Eungella – it’s an Aboriginal word meaning “Land in the Clouds” and it’s pronounced young-gella.

Eungella is about an hour’s drive west of Mackay – through the beautiful Pioneer Valley.  You leave Mackay and go through or past some lovely spots like Marion, Pinnacle (good pub with great pies) and Finch Hatton Gorge (that’s worth a day trip all on it’s own!).

Broken River is famous for the Platypus sightings – early morning and late afternoon is best, but I have heard of people seeing them all throughout the day.  There are a couple of really good spots for catching a glimpse of these wonderful creatures – they are small (30cm long FULLY grown male), quick and very shy.  If you go there, you need to be quiet as they are easily spooked.  Unless you are lucky like I have been, then you generally only see them for a few seconds – they come up for air, have a quick look around and then vanish for another 10 minutes or so – to pop up again who knows where!

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They are also VERY hard to photograph – they normally only come out at low light, they are fast and you never know where they are going to surface and they are often quite a distance from you – and they are already very small!  But patience and perseverance will pay off.  I prefer to get there early in the morning – not only are they very active early, but there are less people around, especially kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but hen you have been waiting for an hour or more to see a platypus, and just as it surfaces – you hear and feel the vibrations of running feet on the timber boardwalk followed by screams of “MUM, LOOK – there’s a PLATYPUS”.  Needless to say, these timid creatures disappear even faster than usual!

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But that’s not all there is at Eungella – walking tracks through the rain forest with a fantastic array of sights – landscape & wildlife galore.  Eungella sits at the top of the Clarke Range, which itself is an interesting drive (for the passenger!) and there are many little viewing platforms along the side of the range where you can look back along the Pioneer Valley and further to the west from the other side of the mountain.

MY Digital Photography runs day and weekend trips to Eungella for aspiring photographers and experienced photographers alike.  We guarantee you an opportunity to capture a shot of a platypus (I can’t guarantee you will get a good one, that’s up to you!) or you can come back again at no charge!

If you are interested in arranging a trip, fill in the contact form below


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