No sunrise but a great snake

Carpet Python or Carpet Snake

This Carpet Snake was having a lovely snooze when I stumbled upon him

Mid December, I got up at 4:30am one morning, checked the sky and it looked like it could be a good sunrise so I packed my gear and headed out to catch a great sunrise!  Bugger! The clouds were too low on the horizon and went up too high so the sunrise ended up being a bust.

On the way back from the harbour I stopped off at the Melaleuca Wetlands hoping to catch a few birds or butterflies or even a couple of insects or spiders.  Did I get my money’s worth!  No birds, butterflies or insects, but as soon as I stepped onto the boardwalk I spotted this beautiful Carpet Python  or Carpet Snake as they are commonly known.

It was still early, about 6:10am so when I first arrived he was very sluggish because it was still fairly cool (probably about 23º C) in our neck of the woods.  I say “he” because a) I have no idea how to tell the sex of a snake and b) he was lying on the couch (boardwalk) doing nothing, so I assumed it was a bloke (mind you, I looked but couldn’t find a TV remote anywhere, so I’m not 100% sure).   As I started taking photos he would occasionally poke his beautiful purple/blue bifurcated tongue at me and after a while I realised he only poked his tongue out when I moved – of course, taking a clear and focused shot when you are moving is not so easy!  I took about a hundred or so shots before he started to get a little more active.

I found myself thinking, what a great shot it would be if he strikes!  Then as he got more and more active, discretion got the better part of valour and I decided to leave him to wake up on his own.


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