Travel Photography

MY Digital Photography

Travel Photography is a very important part of MY Digital Photography.  Taking small groups of Photographers on adventures around Vietnam is the best part of photography – landscape & nature, portraiture and photojournalism all rolled into one!

I have made a number of excellent contacts in Vietnam and I am utilising these contacts in my Vietnam tours.  We go to places that most tourists would never see.  We go to local factories and markets, farms, industrial sites and commercial sites as well as to some of the most spectacular scenery you’ll ever see.  You’ll also get to meet some incredibly interesting Vietnamese photographers and learn from them as well.

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These tours are meant not only to be fun and adventurous, but educational.  It is like being on a 10 day workshop, with myself and a fantastic Vietnamese Photographer, Mai Huong.  Mai is a photography tour guide that I have teamed up with in past tours and she is fantastic – a wonderful photographer and a lovely person.

These are budget tours – we stay in reasonable but inexpensive accommodation and travel around Vietnam by bus, car or aeroplane, depending on where we are going.

Our next 10 day tour is in September, 2014 – Details to be made available shortly.  If you are interested in more information, please leave a comment.


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